Over of experience in communication networks and relocations

Internal relocations

The complexity of an internal relocation is often underestimated, and as a result the relocation takes longer than necessary. The CM Totaal team is highly experienced in internal relocations and ensures that everything goes smoothly. We do this whether it concerns moving all of the contents of the office or a few workstations to another floor, another room on the same floor or switching and moving work areas within a commercial building.

Office furniture
All the office furniture (e.g. desks, chairs, shelves and lamps) must be moved from the old work area to the new work area. Your own staff probably has no time for this or is not capable of doing this quickly and smoothly. We provide proper packaging to prevent damage and have the means to get materials to the right destination quickly and correctly. All furniture is put in the right place and equipped with the desired/required working equipment.

IT equipment
Nowadays IT equipment (PCs, servers, printers, etc.) is a very important part of a relocation. Your own staff probably has insufficient knowledge to professionally disconnect the PCs and servers, pack them and reconnect them correctly at the new location.

  • Disconnection and coupling
    We ensure the expert removal of all cabling from the computers, monitors, keyboards, mice and other peripherals. We prepare all items for transport. After the relocation, our employees ensure that everything works properly again.
  • Network testing (connection)
    After the equipment has been moved, we test whether the network is functioning properly.
  • Hiding cables
    If desired, we can hide the cabling in the existing facilities such as the recesses in desks, wall sockets, cable ducts and/or floor boxes. Having loose data and system cabling is a tripping hazard and is undesirable from both a hygienic and an occupational health and safety point of view.
  • Patching
    After all equipment is in the right (new) location, it must be patched, so that the right printers are controlled and the employees can be reached at the right phone numbers. Patching is connecting a patch cable from wall outlets to the correct predetermined function in a patch cabinet.

Personal items
We are also experts when it comes to moving employees’ personal items.

Would you also like the archive to be moved? CM Totaal can arrange this for you too. It is also possible to purchase moving boxes and crates. We are happy to make a customized quote for this.

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