Over 30 years of experience in communication networks and relocations

Emptying buildings

CM Totaal is also adept at emptying and clearing out commercial buildings, offices, shops, schools and warehouses. Sometimes storage facilities, premises and buildings are (temporarily) no longer necessary, for example because a tenant has left or the company has moved to another building. Through our years of experience, we can professionally empty the building and ensure it’s (broom) clean.

Leftover material
The clearing out of commercial premises requires a completely individualized approach. It can be a sensitive matter, especially when it comes to bankruptcy. Furniture and other items that have not been removed from the building but are still usable are packed and taken away by us. Depending on your wishes or the assignment, we will dispose of them or take them to the recycling center or a charity.

Environmentally conscious
Waste is usually generated when a commercial property is cleared out. For example, there may be partitions, cables and storage material. We dispose of materials that can no longer be used in an environmentally conscious manner, with a preference for recycling. Our company has its own storage space, which can be useful as a temporary solution during an (internal) relocation of your company.

Our team works quickly, efficiently and with the utmost discretion. We are also happy to assist you with internal relocations. Request a customized quote for this.

Extra cleaning?
Broom clean is standard. Of course, we always turn the building over clean. Sometimes, however, the owner of the property or a subsequent tenant has different demands. If necessary, we can carry out extra cleaning work for a small fee, so that the property is turned over just as desired.

We are also happy to make a customized offer for the (internal) relocation of work areas, ICT equipment and the modernization of your data cabling.

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