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Cleaning and destroying archives

Cleaning and emptying an archive are certainly not everyday tasks. Sometimes the archive even has to be relocated, with all the additional work this requires. There are probably few employees who are willing and able to do this job. It is therefore advisable to hire a specialized company to clean up your archive and have it destroyed.

Overview creation
Keeping all kinds of documents ‘just in case’ results in a very confusing archive. This leads to important documents being lost. Documents such as minutes, administrative documents, construction drawings, contracts, documents, deeds, policies, instructions and the like are often still present in paper form. Sometimes they are not even in the same place. By regularly cleaning your archive you create an overview.

What is needed?
As an organization grows, the archive grows with it. You should therefore regularly ask yourself the following questions:

We can (together with you) clean up your archive and make it accessible (again)! When archive documents are destroyed, we ensure destruction by a recognized recycling company. The destruction of hard drives from computers is also carried out very thoroughly by a recognized recycling company. The destruction of archives and hard drives is also certified, so you can be sure that it was done correctly.

The advantages of a well-maintained archive:

CM Totaal also offers a helping hand for the (internal) relocation of work areas, IT equipment and the modernization of your data cabling.

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