Over 30 years of experience in communication networks and relocations
Data and telephone networks
Data and telephone networks are essential for good business operations. It is therefore of the utmost importance that these networks are correctly installed and function properly.
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Internal relocations
The complexity of an internal relocation is often underestimated, and as a result the relocation takes longer than necessary. The CM Totaal team is highly experienced in internal relocations and ensures that everything goes smoothly.
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Emptying buildings
CM Totaal is also adept at emptying and clearing out commercial buildings, offices, shops, schools and warehouses.
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Cleaning and destroying archives
Cleaning and emptying an archive are certainly not everyday tasks. Sometimes the archive even has to be relocated, with all the additional work this requires.
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CM Totaal is a trusted and professional service provider

Change in your company
A change in your company often means changes in layout and work area(s). New departments or work areas are created. People, printers and telephones move to another place and have to work there (again) without any problems. But that does not happen automatically! With the help of CM Totaal, such a change goes smoothly and your employees, customers and suppliers hardly notice it.

A lot of extra work
A lot has to be arranged for an internal relocation, expansion or renovation. Of course, good planning is hereby important. With the relocation of people, offices, printers and telephones, it is also necessary to move or install new data and telephone cables. New or additional electrical facilities must be installed and everything must be converted in the patch cabinets. Workplaces must be (re)furnished and shelves, desks, chairs and lamps must be moved. And that is often the ideal opportunity to tidy up and clean up the archive. In short, there is a lot to do, while the daily activities continue.

Everything arranged smoothly
Who will ensure that everything is handled quickly and smoothly – and preferably without anyone noticing? Your own staff is too busy or does not have the technical knowledge to do this. CM Totaal is a trusted and professional service provider, with more than 15 years of experience both at home and abroad. We can help you get your business premises ready for use again in no time. Our strength lies in our flexibility. We work not only during office hours, but also in the evenings and on weekends.

Not only do we help with internal relocations, we also take care of the cleaning and destruction of archives, as well as the installation of new electricity and data cables and patch cabinets. We can even arrange the (temporary) storage of office furniture for you.

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